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M733 Commando...
« on: September 02, 2010, 01:55:16 pm »
Hi Guys Im not selling but looking for advice. I am thinking of selling my TM M733 Commando but not sure whats its worth really...

* M733 Rifle
* Forgrip Rail (Stock foregrip but has a rail on underside. Mini Bat will not fit in foregrip now though unless you remove rail)
* New inner barrel (6.03mm Tight Bore)
* Custom fitted 'Systema' metal hop unit
* Carry handle rail adapter (allows you to put scope/aimpoint ect on it)
* Rear sling mount at base of stock (works well with 3 point sling)
* Stock internals (1J upgrade when purchased with metal bushings ect also never broken and very reliable)
* Replaced body pins with screw pins
* 305-315fps using 0.20g 6mm ammo

I have had it for a while now and its probably my best RIF but am looking for something new

Thanks guys and gals.