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« on: February 28, 2012, 01:43:56 pm »
Hi there, I'm new to all of this so I was wondering if some of you could give me adn insight into getting started. What is the best gas a battery, what makes etc, also joinin and becoming a member etc, any advise will be great!!

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Re: Newbie
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2012, 02:48:22 pm »
First off, welcome to DV.

Before buying anything, if you plan on frequenting DV, or any site for that matter then a decent pair of boots are a must. After getting some decent boots then get a solid decent pair of glasses (ESS Ice), goggles (Bolle x800) or you could always use a face mask. With all that sorted then you have opened up a whole lot of opportunity for some major money spending. As for guns etc, then rent from DV until you have the defence (its not a licence lolz) and can purchase a R.I.F (Realistic imitation firearm) and by the time you have earned  the defence you have saved up enough to get a nice flashy one instead of getting a medicore I.F (imitation firearm [two-tone]). When it comes to makes most of the players on here say you cant go wrong with TM, but there are other makes which are brilliant such as G&G, King Arms, G&P and ICS. The thing that applies to most of airsoft is splash out for something fancy and have it last or buy something dirt cheap and keep replacing it or repairing it.

Onto the argument that is AEG or Gas, for you it will be AEG as gas is very temperamental and take lots of money to get working efficiently and reliably so for now just stay well away from GBBR's. This does not however apply to GBB pistols as they have been around since the dinosaurs and are extremely reliable and almost never fail.

Batteries, stick to Ni-Cad or NiMH for now as Li-po batteries require specialist chargers and other shenanigans and should only be used when you really know what you're doing as if you cock up they will bite you in the ass, well burn your hose down or melt your stock. Saying that sounds very extreme, well it is as standard batteries can go apeshit just as easily as Li-po's but its best to just tell you that they have a debatable reputation. I run li-po's and have never had a problem but its best to just tell you about their reputation as te chance is always there.

Right I think I have covered just about everything!

Again, welcome to DV and more widely airsoft itself. Your wallet will fear you.
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Re: Newbie
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2012, 05:23:33 pm »
Well-put-greg :bravo:




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