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Feedback 10th April (new to site)
« on: April 10, 2016, 07:56:40 pm »
Recently our local site of 7+ years with a mix of urban cqb and woodland closed down due to no longer being able to lose the land. So many of us are now looking for a replacement! The site used to see anywhere from 80-140 players every other Sunday so a lot of us on the hunt. Decided to head farther afield to check out new sites and Dragon Valley looked like an ideal replacement.

Headed down with a handful of mates, found the place dead easy following the directions on website.

Sign-in proceedure, all good! Parking, great. HQ/safe zone, great set-up. We've been playing airsoft for years so been a long long long time since renting but the rental set up looked great, a lot of guns available and renters taken off to one side and showed the basics etc.

Team seemed good! Efficient in the morning and good prices for ammo, grenades, refreshments etc (not something we're used to!).

New to the site, first game was trying to get bearings and unfortunately got caught out early,
no respawn, spent more time on the side lines than in the game. Doh!

The follow on games were much better for us once starting to learn the area. Really enjoyed the attack and defend with the "C4" set up for detonation. Was satisfying getting to hit the button on one of the games!!

The scenarios were pretty cool, liked the effort put in setting up charges in buildings and also green smoke for the toxic gas scenario. My first quip would be the time between games being quite a while, maybe this is standard and maybe I'm just not used to it. But I understand time is needed to set stuff up.

The location you have is great, MOD training site so obviously ideal.

I'd say the whole day went well for me other than the waiting around every now and then and the odd players not taking their hits (can never be avoided).

The last game is what got me, good fun, find the VIP/target, had a lot of fun. But in the last five minutes I was stood on the corner of one of your wooden structures near the HQ, shooting at the opposite team and also being shot at. I'm at this spot for a few minutes. Someone else from the team works their way up, comes alongside me and gets shot. Hand up he's hit. Whilst this is happening, I haven't moved. Still in my position. Still firing away. Then a Marshal with the tag name "IX" or something like this comes SCREAMING at me saying I'm shooting using a dead player as a shield! I am not exaggerating, this marshal came at me like a called his mother a cnut. I'm an experienced player, I'm honest and I play by the rules. But the way this guy came at me calling me a cheater, speaking down to me and screaming in my face... That was it for me.

I don't drive that distance, pay my money, respectful to other players and marshals, play a full fair day to do nothing wrong and have a marshal scream at me and talk to me like a piece of sh!t.

Until that moment, really good day. Would I come back... We'll see. But that marshal may have cost you a decent amount of new regulars.

Other than that. Cheers for everything else.

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Re: Feedback 10th April (new to site)
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2016, 08:17:20 pm »
I believe the marshal in question asked you to speak to me if you weren't happy. Were you not able to find me as we were wrapping up for the day?

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Re: Feedback 10th April (new to site)
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2016, 10:30:15 pm »
Or me for that matter, As I said in my brief in the morning if you have any problems with any marshalls you can come and chat to myself Jeff Or Olly.
Im sorry for your bad exp with the last game, I have posted on our forum to ask the marshall to give his side of events.
On reading your feedback  I thank you for the post, It sounds like you were having a good time til that point and if our marshall got it wrong then I apologise on behalf of us but in his defence he saw/ thought he saw a infringement and dealt with it which is what he is there for(not to stand around and look pretty)and I for one would prefer him to do that rather then  him doing nothing while stuff happens.
That being said we get it wrong sometimes as well so its a two way street for players and marshalls.
I hope the good in the day outweighs the one bad aspect and you will return.



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