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Dragon Valley / Severn Crossing closed west bound all weekend.
« on: September 07, 2007, 04:36:56 pm »

Just a heads up for those of us coming from the less Welsh part of the country.

General Discussion / CA SCAR Light- my willpower crumbled.
« on: April 14, 2007, 02:32:02 pm »

I had been in two minds whether I liked the tan version, or if I should wait for the black version with the short outer barrel, but after going into AW today and seeing it in the flesh, my mind was made up. Personally I think the colour looks fantastic- I had to buy some rail covers and aimpoint cover to match!

The build quality is great, very solid, in fact its as weighty as my HK416 pretty much, which surprised me when you consider the lower receiver is fibreglass (same as the real thing).
The stock is very comfy to use, especially with the adjustable cheek rest, and the ambidextrous fire selector is very nice, oversized for gloved hands and gives a nice positive click. The only thing I am not over keen on so far is the mag catch which seems a little stiff and needs a hard positive press. Mind you seeing the problems I had recently with mags falling out of my HK416 at random I shouldn't be moaning.
Performance wise, it has a 7mm gear box just like the CQB and has a similar feel when firing. I've chosen to use a 8.4v battery in it, as I only use midcaps now and a 9.6v means you run out of ammo quick! The stock only takes a mini battery but I don't see that as a huge problem, gone are the days of 600mA minis- the one I bought is 1250mA and they are due some 1600mA ones in soon.

Looking forward to using this for real next week at DV.

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