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i was mereley looking at kits, as i do not have a clue what i am doing modifying each part.  would i have to change the gearbox for lowering the spring power?  (currently fires at 390fps)

does anyone know what FPS this is likely to bring an M14 to?  (trying to mod current M14 AEG to site limits)

i have a question, i have recently received a new M14 AEG (single Shot) to replace my old 2-tone (Spring).  how do i go about downgrading it without damaging the spring?  (may need it for other competitions)

General Discussion / Re: Your day jobs.
« on: July 11, 2008, 12:14:07 am »
i am in the Army myself, along with the rest of the Brawdy Orphans... only trouble is i am a Systems Engineer Technician

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